RoboDemos Mini-Workshop


Call for Demonstrations

23rd June, 2010 - 18h-19h
(on the Junior Dance stage)

Following the previous encouraging experiences of RoboDemos since 2006, we will, again, provide a time slot, within RoboCupJunior, for demonstrating robotic projects being developed at schools, clubs, community centers and other such places offering informal education and opportunities in robotics. This time slot can equally be used to present and discuss possible evolutions and specific issues of the regular junior competitions (Dance, Rescue, and Soccer).

Presentations can be carried out by the students but also by teachers or mentors engaged in related robotic projects and working with youngsters under 19 years-old. They should not exceed 10min duration.

For participating you need to send a brief description of what you wish to present to Luis Almeida ( no later than June 3. If necessary, we will do a preliminary selection. Please, try be precise and compact, but also innovative and inspiring in your description (including web-pges, videos, pictures, etc...).

Come and show us your robotic activities. We look forward to receiving your applications.

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